ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात् Om Bhuur-Bhuvah Svah Tat-Savitur-Varennyam Bhargo Devasya Dhiimahi Dhiyo Yo Nah Pracodayaat

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About 4 years back, at the age of 80, I felt a stroke in heart. I was retired from Indian Railways. Therefore, I was admitted to the Railway hospital in New Delhi. Doctors advised me stent fixation surgery and were ready to take me to the operation theatre. The whole medical treatment was free, but my mind was not free. I contacted MOVE people who devised some special diet and naturopathy plans for me. I was also advised very light pranayam and after some months I started performing light exercises also. I succeeded in avoiding painfull and lifespan-reducing surgery. Hats of to the MOVE team who introduced the living and eating habits of our great saints in a very practical manner.
R.S.Bhardwaj, New Delhi (India)

I am practicing advocate in the Supreme Court of India, New Delhi. In March, 20015, I was advised operation to remove two stones of 12.5 mm and 10.5 mm. One in the kidney and the other in the ureter. I asked my friend Shri Vimal Wadhawan Yogacharya, who is also my collegue advocate as to whether I can delay the operation till summer vacations in June. He suggested me that since it is not a case of stagnated stone or increasing stone or Urinary Tract Infection, there is no hurry. He also laid down a detailed Yogic, Diet based and Naturopathy plan for the next 3 months. He also arranged some Ayurvedic medicines. Every month, I got my ultrasound under intimation to MOVE experts. We were surprised to see that the stones started reducing every month and ultimately disappeared in the month of August, 2015. I am indebted to MOVE for extending Alternative Medical support system to me and saved lacs of rupees and wiped out the chances of surgical pain.
M.A.Chinnasamy, Advocate-on-record, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi, (India)

I am surprised, how simply the support of some particular fruits, vegetables and pulses (kulthi water) helped me get rid of my kidney stone. Thanks a lot to MOVE team.
Ajay Patpatiya, Muzaffar Nagar, U.P. (India)

In the month of August, 2015, I was diagnosed with the Liver problem. My Liver was enlarged by 1 inch approx. MOVE consultancy suggested me diet, natural living, and Ayurvedic medicines which I followed religiously and in February, 2016, I am free from the problem.
Mukesh Bhardwaj, New Delhi, (India)

I had been suffering from hypertension and acidity problems for a long period of time. My B.P. used to around 180/110 mmHg. My daughter Gayatri Yogacharya suggested a healthy and nitrate rich diet to me. I am surprised, within a very short time of just 7 days, my acidity problem is fully cured. B.P. remains around 130/90 mmHg.
Dr. Kanshi Ram, Professor (retd.), Delhi University, (India)

I am a chronic diabetic for the last about 30 years with glucose level sometimes touching 400 mg/dL. In August 2015, I had a abcess on my right hip. It measure around 2 by 1 inches in circumference. It was very painful, inflammed and full of pus cells. Glucose level not much under control but still the daily consumption of anti-infective fruits, some kitchen herbs and a natural diet plan suggested by the MOVE team cured the abcess fully within a short time to my surprise.
Swaran Kanta, Delhi (India)

I am one of those who got maximum effect from Yoga in the most abled guidance of Gayatri ji. I reduced 12 kgs and 4 inches. More than that I realized a total change in my personality as a whole. People comment that I look ten years younger than my age.
Jyoti Marwah, Delhi (India)

Yoga and meditaton with Gayatriji really helped me in coming out of depression when I lost my 3 years old son in a road accident. I was in such a shock that my own survival became difficult. But Gayatri Didi’s meditative guidance provided succour and support to me in that difficult time. Her yoga techniques helped me in weight loss also.
Karishma, Delhi (India)

Meditation with Gayatriji has become a sort of great mental discipline in my life. She made us realise that there is nothing more peacefull than the meditative life. Now we always try to remain in our ownself.
Poonam Juneja, Delhi (India)

Spending time with Gayatri didi is as sacred to me as going to some temple. Yoga and meditation experiences with her are a great blessings for me. I was passing my life in lots of stressful conditions but I feel a total reversion of all situations. Actually, it is mind reverted back to the original source i.e. God. Thanks Didi.
Karishma Jain, Delhi (India)

Before coming to Gayatriji, my whole life appeared to have been shattered and all hopes lost. She just rejuvenated my body as well as my soul in every possible way. She made me realise that I am one with God. Now I feel that I was nothing but with the support of Gayatriji I have realized that this human life is the greatest gift of God which we must devote of HIM only with love and balanced mind.
Leena Ghakhar, Delhi (India)

With Gayatri’s Yoga, I reduced 20 kg. It is not a simple achievement. Now I have learnt the art of controlling mind and living with soul. I can manage any type of stress, anxiety or any situation. Now without yoga, I can not imagine my life. Gayatri didi’s association means a lot to me.
Pooja, Delhi (India)

I tried everything from Gym to Diet, but ultimately realized that Yoga and meditation in the company of Gayatriji is the answer to all the problems of life whether it is physical, mental or spiritual.
Aakanksha, Delhi (India)

The true essence of Yoga revolves around elevating the life force or ‘Kundalini’ at the root of the spine. It is done through a series of physical and mental exercises. Yoga is not a religion, it is a way of life. It’s aim is “a healthy mind in a healthy body’. Aerobics assure only physical well-being but Yoga ensures the harmonious development of body, mind and soul all togather. Regular sessions of Yoga promote self-healing, remove negative blocks from mind and toxins from the body, increase self-awareness, focus, attention and concentration. Thanks are more than due to Gayatri didi.
Dolly, Delhi (India)

Gayatri didi guides everyone in her centre as a mother. I learnt from her not only to fight the diseases but an art to live like a lotus in muddy water.
Savita, Delhi (India)

From facebook
Travelling to India to learn yoga is the right thing to do. The concept of “yoga” can transform anyone from the mundane Western physical activity to the spiritual Indian experience. It’s a perfect introduction to the complex discipline that is Yoga, Naturopathy, Health and Spirituality. I would certainly desire to undergo this course at the earliest and recommend this course to anybody who is interested in learning about the self and Indian culture.
John Richard, U.K.

MOVE courses appear to be life changing. There are not many places you can go for a long period of time and learn about the nature of the world; the universe. But this certianly is a valuable opportunity to experience the intensive study. Best of luck to all aspirants.
McMillan Grossman, Argentina

MOVE courses are providing a good opportunity to the global people to learn about the oldest living religion of the world. I am very fond of “Namaste” as a greeting in Sanskrit, the ancient holy language for Hindus. It means, “I salute the God within you.” There is no single founder of this religion, and no creed that unites all believers. I wish a great success to this mission MOVE.
Mary Smith, France

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