ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात् Om Bhuur-Bhuvah Svah Tat-Savitur-Varennyam Bhargo Devasya Dhiimahi Dhiyo Yo Nah Pracodayaat

At Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar, Uttrakhand, (India)

With the daughter of Shri Subhash Chandra Bose

At Mishri Lal Arya School,Tanda, U.P. (India)

At Patiala House Court, New Delhi (India) distributing Diabetes medicine among Lawyers

Yajna at the inaguration of a Yoga Centre in New Delhi

Preaching Ishopnishad at Arya Samaj Temple, Ashok Vihar, Delhi (India)

Addressing lawyers at Dwarika Dist. Court on Diabetes and distributing medicine.

Addressing Senior Citizens in Dwarika, (India)

Character and Health Camp for Delhi School Girls

Addressing Gurukul students at Haridwar, Uttrakhand, (India)

Health Camp with Vanasthali Girls, Jaipur, Rajasthan (India)

Camp in Rajasthan College for Women, Jaipur, (India)

Yoga Sammalen, Haridwar, India

Camp in DAV students, Delhi, (India)

Addressing students of Leelawati School, Delhi

Inculcating Character traits in children at Home

In schools of Mumbai, (India)

Shri S.C.Gupta addressing MOVE camps

MOVE Books released by Dr. Yoganand Shastri, Speaker, Delhi Assemble

Inspiring Members of Parliament of India belonging to all political parties. Move carried a mission to convince MPs of all political parties to ensure the integration of values in the education system of India. Everyone agreed with the concept of value based education but still no one could carry the mission to conclusion.

Shri Abdul Rehman, Loksabha, Tamilnadu, DMK

A social awareness movement based on moral values is the need of hour to find out a permanent solution to the problem of corruption and rising criminal mentality. The education system of our country is severely lacking the elements of patriotism and ethics. Besides students, the politicians, investigative agencies like police and C.B.I also need to undergo training programmes based on honesty and dedication to duty.
Shri Rajender Aggarwal, Loksabha, U.P., BJP

Education system is an effective tool to spread awareness among children and masses to combat criminal tendencies. Non-governmental organisations should also play an important role in promoting awareness against corruption and other crimes.
Shri Yogi Aditya Nath, Loksabha, U.P., BJP

One should not only remain satisfied with his material development but should endeavour to remain honest and sincere. Character building should become a part and parcel of the educational curriculum.
Shri Dr. Rattan Singh Ajnala, Loksabha, Punjab, S.A.D

The moral and spiritual values should be injected into the very blood of children at their formative stage. Every citizen should adopt honesty and other character traits as directives from God.
Shri Aadi Sankar, Loksabha, Tamilnadu, DMK

Judges should follow the precedent established by Madras High Court in one of its orders by directing the accused to read the literature of Mahatma Gandhi and to pass a test to avoid the jail punishment. Such course can help in inculcating ethical traits.
Shri Sharad Yadav, Loksabha, Bihar, J.D.(U)

Character traits and patriotism should be established in families and the society through the education system based on equality.
Smt. Sarika Singh, Loksabha, U.P., R.L.D.

A high cultural and moral background is necessary to check the criminal tendencies in the society. Even judges should adopt the policy of reformation while rendering judgments.
Shri Sai Pratap Annayagari, Loksabha, A.P., Cong.

The prevalance of criminality and corruption in the society is primarily due to the disbelief in the Karam-phal principle i.e. as you sow so shall you reap. People should follow the lives and thoughts of the spiritual masters. This verily is the spiritual heritage of our great country.
Shri Ghanshyam Anuragi, Loksabha, U.P., S.P

If a person is able to control lust, greed, anger, and ego with utmost willpower and lead a righteous life, he is not likely to indulge in any criminality. Reformation is more important than punishment. Therefore, the development of wisdom should be the primary motto of the education system.
Shri A.H.Vishwanath, Loksabha, Karnataka, Cong.

Desires to acquire things is the root cause of crimes in the society. Students and even their parents focus just on good career options neglecting the inner development aspect. There is unrest and dissatisfaction only due to this mindset. Therefore, the society as a whole should focus on the complete personality development of the future generation.
Shri Kirti Azad Jha, Loksabha, Bihar, BJP

Our Educational system has failed to produce nationalistic and honest citizens. Therefore, text-books should be prepared in such a manner so as to include the chapters on humanism, honesty, and social service etc.
Smt. Annu Tandon, Loksabha, U.P., Cong.

Penalising for a criminal act is a temporary measure to tackle the increasing crime-rate and corruption. Whereas, moral values provide a permanent, far reaching and widespread solution to this severe problem.
Shri Vasudev Acharya, Loksabha, W.B., C.P.I.(M)

Western culture is the prime cause of mad competitive life and ultimately of crimes. Orientation programmes to inculcate honesty and humanistic tendencies must be organised.
Shri Shivaji Patil, Loksabha, Maharashtra, Shivsena

Indian values and culture is the only solution to implement crime-prevention concept. The society must discard Arabic and Western life style.
Shri Inder Singh Namdhari, Loksabha, Jharkhand, Ind.

Basic solution to wipe out evil tendencies from the society is by hammering the minds of young children by continuous efforts and regular prayers to guide the minds on virtuous path.
Smt. Putul Kumari, Loksabha, Bihar, Ind.

This land of Rishis has immense potential and energy for great deeds. It should be tapped by the governments and non-governmental organisations for the citizens.
Shri Yashwant Sinha, Loksabha, Bihar, BJP

Government run educational institutions deliver degrees but less knowledge.
Private educational institutions deliver degrees and knowledge also but no moral values. Morality is slowly going into the oblivian.
Shri Ninong Erring, Loksabha, Arunanchal, Cong.

Present generation students should be taught the lessons of sacrifice for humanity and respecting elders. Social awareness plays a better role as compared to the laws. People from all strata should join hands in this noble mission.
Shri Bhakta Charan Dass, Loksabha, Orissa, Cong.

One should use his wisdom to discriminate between the good and the bad. Citizens should be inspired to tread on the path of great saints. Penal laws and crime-management mechanism would not be able to control the crime-rate. This movement is needed in education system as well as amongst the politicians.
Shri Brij Bhushan Singh, Loksabha, U.P., S.P.

Ethical strength is the only means to check criminal mindset. Good quality education based on equality and morality is the hard need of our country today. This would ultimately reform the whole of administration, judiciary and the legislature also.
Shri Mohd. Basheer, Loksabha, Kerala, Muslim League

Citizens should be inspired only at the budding age when their mind is still in the formative stage. The purpose and intent of Education System should not remain confined to the formal progress of minds but school should work as laboratory to purify minds.
Shri Dr. K.P.Ramalingam, Rajyasabha, Tamilnadu, DMK

Education system should be oriented with noble preachings. From Panchayat to the Parliament there shall be training of humanism and patriotism.
Shri Jagdanand Singh, Loksabha, Bihar, RJD

Personality development of the citizens is the development of the nation. Educational institutions are concerned only with bookish knowledge without inculcating a sense of equality and morality in students.
Shri S.Semmalai, Loksabha, Tamilnadu, AIADMK

Education system should inspire the citizens not to go for a mad race to accumulate wealth. It should inspire them to be careful for the humanity.
Km.Dr. Girija Vyas, Loksabha, Rajasthan, Cong.

The purpose of education should be to train the students to maintain a balance between these 3 levels of mind i.e. divine, humane and animalistic. N.G.O.s and even media should boost such social movement without giving a communal colour to it. Education System should be considered as a platform for the building of country’s future on the strength of honesty, dedication to duty and patriotism. Educational institutions can help prepare the students to achieve all the 4 aims of human life – Dharma i.e. good character, Artha i.e. sound economy, Kama i.e. sansory satisfaction, and Moksha i.e. salvation or a trouble free life. Such an atmospheric change in the education system would ensure a complete personality development programme for the citizens of the country. Ancient Indian values have the potential to lead the whole world. Our values are enshrined in our great Vedic scriptures. In the past, our political systems were also loaded with values.
Shri Dr. M.Jagannath, Loksabha, A.P., Cong.

Governments and NGOs should start a great movement to introduce moral upliftment in the society. It is possible only through education system.
Smt. Santosh Chaudhary, Loksabha, Punjab, Cong.

Lives of all greatmen like Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati, Mahatma Gandhi and Swami Vivekanand should be introduced in the educational curriculum. Even crime-management should focus on reforms.
Shri Lalming Liana, Rajyasabha, Mijoram, MNF

Intellectuals of the society should come forward to spread morality in the society. Educational syllabus should be loaded with valuable inspirations.
Shri Fransisco Sardinha, Loksabha, Goa, Cong.

If there is no morality in education then there should be increase in the number of jails in proportion to the number of schools because a life devoid of values is actually a cause of criminality. Some people commit crimes to achieve their basic needs, while some commit crimes to expedite their success. Continuous training in values is essential for crime-prevention in the society.
Shri Adhir Ranjan Choudhary, Loksabha, W.B., Cong.

The psychology of a person develops in accordance with the circumstances in which he is brought up. Therefore, the prime responsibility to improve those circumstances lies on the shoulders of the family and the education system.
Shri Reishang Keishing, Rajyasabha, Manipur, Cong.

The Almighty God has given an instruction to the human beings – “As I love you, so shall you love all, take care of all and be ready for every type of sacrifice.” The whole country should be loaded with humanistic values. Without such a moral background even a strong Lokpal would not be able to do anything.
Shri Avinash Khanna, Rajyasabha, Punjab, BJP

Educational institutions, religious, social and political organisations should all work for the spread of moral values in the society. Everyone should keep in mind that if wealth is lost, nothing is lost but if character is lost, everything is lost.
Shri Ambika Banerjee, Loksabha, W.B., T.M.C.

All citizens should be taught a basic lesson – “Contentment is the supreme dharma.” This is not possible with the help of laws or penalties but the moral values should be of primary concern in education and politics. There is no scheme, no willpower and no time with the governments to prepare noble citizens.
Shri Ganesh Singh, Loksabha, M.P., BJP

People should always remain thoughtful to improve their conditioning of mind. Yog, meditation, worship and spiritual thoughts are the personal means. The governments should provide such facilitating education system so as to converse the students with our ancient traditions and cultural values hidden in them. Citizens should be inspired to live a simple and natural life. Judicial system should conduct a research on the psychological aspects of the criminal minds.
Shri Govind Chander Naskar, Loksabha, W.B., T.M.C.

Complete moral development of the society is the need of hour. Governments should initiate a programme involving citizens, NGOs and the media to ensure the development of the country with hard work, honesty and discipline. Governments can easily perform this task through education.
Shri Harin Pathak, Loksabha, Gujarat, BJP

Love with the Supreme Divine Power and belief in karam-phala principle i.e. every action bears its fruits are the principles that can keep a person away from criminal acts. Children can be inspired to understand and follow them through educational institutions. Right to education is good but the education should be good qualitatively also. Our education should become a breeding ground of nationalism.
Shri V.Narayansami, Loksabha, Pudduchery, Cong.

I accept that if the students in their formative stage are taught the lessons of Partiotism and honesty, its effect can be seen upto generations. All sectors of the country need orientation in this regard.
Shri Pinaki Mishra, Loksabha, Orissa, BJD

Animals don’t perform any act contrary to their nature. They perform only those acts that are necessary to satisfy their instinctive needs. But man after satisfying his hunger runs behind lust and luxuries. Our social fibre is getting weak. Families and schools should inculcate simple social values of life in children.
Shri Lalit Mohan Shuklavaidya, Loksabha, Assam, Cong.

There is lack of inspiring teachers and leaders in the present India. Our system does not imbibe life values in students. That is why the present generation is involved in all types of crimes. In the name of crime-management, our systems instead of reforming them makes them hardened criminals. Nationalistic Education system based on values is the only remedy for all social evils, crimes and failure of democratic institutions. Education has exploded knowledge but the resulting society is away from nature and peaceful living.
Shri Dr. M.Thambidurai, Loksabha, Tamilnadu, AIADMK

Nationalism and honesty are the demands of present age. Moral rejuvenation of the country is possible only by a great movement involving social, religious and educational institutions. Ancient Gurukul pattern with modern education should be brought back where the job of the teacher was to become a great inspirator.
Shri Shariffudin Shariq, Loksabha, J & K, N.C.

God has perfectly created man so that he can tread on the right path. But man is the embodiment of mistakes. Therefore, greatness lies in realizing and repenting for the mistakes and reforming your life. Only fear of God can make one a refined personality.
Shri Shyam Banegal, Rajyasabha, Mumbai, President Nom.

Every movement starts with your own life. Lives of teachers and leaders should be role model for the people to be followed. Reforms are required in all spheres of Indian society. Education should be the first to implement reforms.
Shri Dr.Bhalchandra Mungekar, Rajyasabha, Mumbai, President Nom.

The whole country needs orientation in values of life. Education can easily include values in it. Without honesty and integrity, nothing in the society is reliable, whether it is a higher educated man or a top leader.
Shri Avtar Singh Bhadana, Loksabha, Haryana, Cong.

Present day life style exhibits western influence. People have become selfish. I have seen the Gurukul education system closely and felt that daily life of the students was itself full of values.
Shri Shadi Lal Batra, Rajya sabha, Haryana, Cong.

Only a sense of patriotism can protect laws and ethics. All religions emphasize against immoral acts and on fear of God. Education level of our country is very high but devoid of patriotism, therefore, it needs total reforms.
Rajkumari Ratna Singh, Lok Sabha, U.P., Cong.

I personally wish that inspirations of patriotism, personality development and honesty should be integrated into the Education System of our society. Legal and administrative reforms would be meaningful only if the Education System gets a right direction.
Shri Suresh Agadi, Lok Sabha, Karnataka, BJP

Our country needs an honest administrator. Our democracy is the best but our society is not. We need to implement a long-term policy to convert our Education System into a factory capable of producing patriots, honest, dedicated, obedient and selfless social servants to make our society crime-free and disease-free.
Shri Anant Gangaram Geete, Lok Sabha, Mumbai, Shiv Sena
Lack of moral values is the basic cause of all crimes. Governments are not prepared to establish morality in the society. Only educational scholars can devise some methods to make our educational institutions laboratories of moral upliftment.
Smt. Poonam Veljibhai Jat] Lok Sabha, Gujarat, BJP
A teacher who is a moral guide is a far better Lokpal. Only such Lokpal Teachers can inculcate patriotism and honesty in the present generation.
Shri Hasan Khan, Lok Sabha, J & K, Independent
Why do present day citizens not consider honest and dedicated service to the nation as their prime concern? Everybody wishes to become rich but nobody aspires to be a great man. Education System of our society should lay down the object of making the students a complete human being having a great character besides being a highly educated citizen. Only teachers and a proper curriculum can ensure the spread of such vibrations.
Sh. Maninder Singh Bitta, Punjab, Cong.

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